The Woman: Reminiscing my honeymoon days (Episode 2)

Here I am reminiscing my honeymoon days again. I miss the fun we had in LA Disneyland. Visiting Disneyland in US is a childhood dream of mine. I believe it is also every child’s dream to meet Mickey and shake his hands. Thankfully I was able to realize this dream last year. We spent 3 days of our honeymoon in 3 different theme parks in US.

The magical first started when we boarded the shuttle bus from our hotel – DoubleTree Hilton Anaheim. One american lady bus driver welcomed us to the bus and gave a short yet interesting introduction of the magical place. I don’t think that’s part of her JD. She must be really passionate about Disney that she couldn’t help but to keep talking about the land. The Disney Corporation should be thankful that they have such creative and motivated people working for them.

This is the lady driver who has done a good job to excite all of us 🙂

Stepping out of the bus, our excitement and adrenaline were at full throttle and we couldn’t wait to take our first steps into a memorable adventure. I was the crazy woman roaming around the welcome signage and snatching with the kids for a pose with the Disney Letters.

It's my turn girl... ;p

Took this while on the bus to Disney 🙂

Saw a Disney bus with the Disney cartoon characters and insisted Dan to take a picture with it for my keepsake album.

When we entered the dreamland (after the security check), I couldn’t stop staring up in wide eyed wonder, turning around to take it all in. Who cares about the age when you are in Disney? The Main Street is a beautiful fantasy sight to behold. And the music, it gave a happy feeling and made everything so pleasant. Dan took the theme park map and started planning the route. I was busy snapping as many pictures as I could. I wished I brought my nephew along, and not just taking the different cartoon pictures for him to view after my return.

A spot with me & the castle only. (no other tourist ;p)

A special service in Disney that dressed girls to be princess. Almost every girl I saw was dressed like her. Yes, she is really cute. 🙂

Before the trip, Dan was predicting how bored he would be as I would definitely not be keen to take thrilling rides with him. He was wrong, so wrong! I took almost all the rides with him except for some. I noticed the scenery of the ride and props were so well done. Thumbs up for the special effects that won us over.

California Screamin' ride that got my hubby excited

Totally overwhelmed by this roller coaster ride experience

The ride that I didn't take with him as I didn't have a raincoat with me. 🙂

One memorable experience was to take pictures with the cartoon characters. Who cares about the queue really… All we wanted was to have it in our keepsake album.



This is for my nephew. His fav Buzzlightyear!


The most expensive stuff we bought from Disney for my nephew. This old man George drew my nephew as buzzlightyear.


Without doubt the fireworks at night was a visual feast. It doesn’t matter how packed the place was surrounded with people waiting to see the show, the fireworks effects just added that ‘perfection’ around the park, putting a feeling of love in the air. I wish we knew how to operate our new camera to have shots turned out better. The colorful sights was simply too beautiful than the pictures could ever tell.

And the beauty of Disneyland was so eye-popping that I didn’t want to leave the place. Thank God for giving us a trip filled with memories that we would cherish for a lifetime. Thankful for the dream that came true! 🙂

As Walt Disney said himself, "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

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