The Woman: Happy Snow

Dan: I think we should spend longer time in US… It’s such a hassle traveling so many places.
Me: But it’s really more worthwhile to do a stop over since we already travelled so far. Though I really miss home.
Dan: I don’t think we will enjoy ourselves because it seems nothing interesting there.

This was our conversation prior to our arrival in Korea. He wanted more time in US and I didn’t expect myself to be home sick.

We initially planned a 3 weeks honeymoon trip to US and stopover in Tokyo. But to prevent exposure to the radiation, we took another route – a stopover in Korea. And we had to pay a penalty to do a re-route.

We arrived Incheon Airport in the evening and went straight to our hotel for an early night before joining our tour group the next day morning. It wasn’t our first time going to Korea so we were not as excited as we were in US. I was feeling totally exhausted & lethargic that I dragged my 20kg baggage to the room. I said to myself, “I want to go home.” Dan was equally tired but he didn’t want to call it a night till he got his dinner.

As I stepped out from the hotel, I saw snow that was piled along the edge of the road and it looked dirty. As a Singaporean, I have never seen snow or feel it. So when I saw those icy forms encrusted with the sand and gravel by the road side, I was thrilled. “Will it snow tomorrow?” I asked Dan and he took a pic of me with the dirty snow.

My first encounter with snow 🙂

Day 2, we woke up at 6am and headed to the airport to meet our tour group. We were greeted by a korean lady aka our tour guide. She ushered 19 of us to a 40 seater coach. We could sit anywhere we wished.

Our tour guide took us on a 1.5hr bus ride to the Mount Sorak National Park, one of the most beautiful national park in Korea. Prior to our arrival, it started snowing! Everyone in the coach was excited. Snow flakes fell from the sky, blowing sideways, all sights was beautiful! Thank God I wasn’t sleeping at that time! Our tour guide then told us that high chance we could experience snowing at the Mount Sorak.  I quickly turned to Dan and said, “That’s why I said we must come Korea!”

When we arrived Mount Sorak, the snow started falling… Having the first snowflake falling on my face just gave me a certain kind of uncontrollable excitement. I admit, a little bit of snow, got me excited.

Say cheese with snow - Mount Sorak

Mountain snow sight captured while on a cable car ride at Mount Sorak

Snowy Buddha - Located besides a temple at Mount Sorak

Looking through the cable car window... Whee =)

Beauty of winter =)

And for the next few days, we had a great deal of snow experience. Though the weather was freaking cold, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We went skiing, and it really didn’t bother us if we fell many times on the snowy slope. I’m certain we will still enjoy falling if we had a chance to go back again. There is just something so magical about falling on the snow.

Perfect weather to ski 🙂

The fall that feels good 🙂

Don't feel like getting up after the fall 🙂

Feeling good 🙂

Loving the icy feel and smeelll hahaha =p

As per our tour guide's request.

A kind korean man helped us with this shot. =)

Another highlights of this trip was our stay in the InterContinental Hotel. We were put up there for a night after our ski activity. Not only was the room big, the bed was so comfy that I didn’t want to wake up. We also caught some pics near the hotel… the sights were beautiful!

Bridge outside the hotel... fully covered by snow!

I love snow! 🙂

A view of the hotel we stayed "Intercontinental"... Superb! 🙂

I guess he wouldn't even mind 'tasting' it... =)

Comfy bed =)

Caught this at our hotel room balcony. Seems like a man being frozen ;p

View from our room. 🙂

One memorable experience was to have our hot spring bath at a OUTDOOR pool under a 1 deg snowy weather! Imagine yourself wearing swimsuit doing a hot spring bath at a outdoor pool. We didn’t care much about whether we would be stroke to death by the weather (not wearing enough). We just wanted to experience what the koreans did. It was so cold that I nearly cried. But when the snowflakes fell on my face, I never regret running and screaming after Dan to do a outdoor hot spring bath which didn’t feel hot at all. (We didn’t bring our camera so no pics to share on the hot spring.)

There was a time where the streets were snowing when we were out shopping. Our tour guide told us it is quite rare to snow in Seoul city and she considered us lucky.

Snow + Shopping = Superb Fun 🙂

If there is a word to describe my view on snow, I would call it happy snow. Happy snow = it brings joy to my life. Sure it was romantic and we really appreciate the beauty of this winter season.

On the last day of our trip, I told Dan we made a right choice coming to Korea and not Tokyo. He agreed. Snowfall has made our honeymoon memorable. It is like dream come true for us. Tour guide, sights, people and food.

Our awesome tour group. =)

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